Julia Bindman is a strategy consultant who helps managers and teams solve problems. She combines strong analytical skills with experience in the design and delivery of processes that enable teams to find new ideas or ways of working.

Julia works with her clients to identify vision or strategy, to engage with a new initiative, to solve a specific problem, or to kick off or review a project.

Her clients benefit from her expertise as
  • A strategist
    • helps clients clarify real objectives, and how to achieve them
    • brings strategy edge and flexibility to analysis and team engagement to ensure results
  • A neutral outsider
    • challenges assumptions shared within the group
    • points to the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ and asks risky questions – she has no career to protect within the organisation
  • A professional with experience in working with organisations facing different challenges
    • experience of delivering results in a wide variety of organisations and situations
    • comfort in handling potential obstacles to results, such as conflict, reluctant or dominant participants
    • extensive repertoire of activities to draw upon in designing sessions